Voor meer analyse, zie onder meer Regis A

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Voor meer analyse, zie onder meer Regis A Duffy, On the To be a beneficial Catholic: The problem of Christian Initiation: The issue of Christian Initiation (Wipf and you will Inventory Writers, 2010); Michael J. McCallion & David R. Maines, “Spiritual Gatekeepers: Time and the fresh new Rite of Christian Initiation from People,” A symbol Communications twenty five, zero. 3 (2002) 289–302. David Yamane, “Initiation Rites on Latest Catholic Church: Just what Improvement Do They generate?,” Overview of Spiritual Look 54, no. 4 (2012): 401–420. PhD diss. University out-of Edinburgh (2011). Zie bijvoorbeeld de- studie van Stephen Vincent Bloemeke, Phenomenological Study of Transformative Reading during the Conversion process into the Catholic Faith (Master's Thesis, East Carolina University, 2017). Zie ook de- hiervoor vermelde studie van Peter Braun Kapsner. Cohen, “Turns…
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