Example: New _Success_ Annotation in combination with _Out_

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Example: New _Success_ Annotation in combination with _Out_ Example: The fresh new _In_ Annotation _In_ specifies "read-only". A familiar mistake is to utilize _In_ in order to a factor which ought to have the _Inout_ annotation as an alternative. If you are using Graphic Business Code Data on this example, they validates the callers solution a non-Null pointer to an enthusiastic initialized buffer to have pInt . In this instance, pInt tip can't be NULL. Example: The latest _In_opt_ Annotation _In_opt_ matches _In_ , apart from the fresh type in parameter was said to be NULL and you may, therefore, case is to seek so it. Example: New _Out_ Annotation _Out_ supports a common circumstance in which a non-NULL tip one items to an element boundary is introduced when you…
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