A few pre-determined questions I’ve About the ‘Hang this new DJ’ Occurrence off ‘Black Mirror’

CountryMatch review
A few pre-determined questions I've About the 'Hang this new DJ' Occurrence off 'Black Mirror' Charlie Brooker's Black Echo episode, “Hang the DJ” - by far the most upbeat, crowd-fun bout of the 2009 group - sees several with its whole dating existence artificial to your its mobile phones, although we the fresh viewer hardly understand up until the most end that we've been seeing a representation the entire date. The new Matchmaking System - and therefore claims an effective 99.8 % matches - put Honest (Joe Cole) and you can Amy (Georgina Campbell) along with her to the a primary day and you may says to her or him you to definitely its matchmaking can last merely 12 times, therefore at the conclusion of a dozen hours he could…
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