What does ‘Yer bum’s oot the fresh windae?’ in fact suggest?

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What does ‘Yer bum's oot the fresh windae?' in fact suggest? As in “I'm reet scunnered! ------ “outwith” to possess “Outside”‘ “the latest coup” having “the new trash tip”. “Place the follow for the” having “a temple punch”. “An early rarmy” (Unclear of spelling) for “A small but most okay team”. Languages arriving in the Scotland inside roughly 500AD (in accordance with an intensive Western european record prior to you to) normally, from the zero increase of creative imagination, getting referred to as jargon. Terms and conditions such as windae, hame, brae, ben, ken, noo, drookit etcetera. are included in what. It’s like you proclaiming that the text damp, household, screen, slope etc. was English code jargon. Dad explained this one from his uncles used good keywords of endearment for…
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