The Rise Of Social Media In Business Communications

The rise of social media presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses to sell their products and services to large, targeted audiences. According to, the average American spends about 30 percent of their daily online time on social media, where they will be exposed to a huge variety of content.

Traditional marketing methods are facing a time of change. While television and radio use are still relevant, the tables are quickly turning with the rise of Video on Demand services and internet radio. To ensure marketing reach isn’t lost as more people “cut the cord”, businesses must adapt to make social media their new place to market their content and products, or risk going under due to not adapting – consider Kodak and the rise of the digital camera.

Perhaps the biggest use and advantage of social media in the business world is providing customer service. It’s easier than ever for companies to hire social media managers to respond to questions and concerns though public posts or direct messages. Take a look at any large company’s Facebook or Twitter page and you’ll find direct responses, apologies, and a lot of general PR. This is good news for the company, since it strengthens their image and builds trust in the brand.

Facebook is a great solution for businesses, because insights about page visitors and post reach are easily accessible and time-stamped. Additionally, targeted advertising tools are a dream for advertisers. For example, if you want to sell a product to someone who lives in Rock Island, makes $50,000 a year, and has two kids, Facebook will advertise only to people within those parameters. It has also implemented e-commerce infrastructure and allows businesses to sell directly to customers.

LinkedIn is another excellent resource, serving as a place to connect professionals to each other and to other businesses. It facilitates businesses producing an image of themselves that will attract employees to work for them. It also offers educational courses to members who purchase a “pro” subscription.

Businesses can market to people in many other networks too, like Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit. This doesn’t even include smaller niche networks. Many industries have their own specific social networks, designed expressly for their own professionals.

We live in exciting, changing times for marketing. It’s easier than ever to build a relationship with customers online. If you’d like to discuss how your business can become more involved with potential customers online, call Mickle Communications at (563) 940-7875 or email


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