Marketing and Sales: What’s The Difference?

Marketing and Sales: what’s the difference? Sometimes it seems like the two terms are used interchangeably. In fact, these terms are so interwoven, it can be hard to tell where the concept of Marketing ends and the art of Sales begins. They are two completely different entities that both focus on revenue, but without one, you cannot have the other, they support and compliment one another.

According to, Marketing is, by definition, “the systematic planning, implementation and control of business activities to bring together the buyer and seller.” Also, Sales is, by definition, “a transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods, services, and/or assets in the exchange for money, an agreement between a buyer and seller.”


Often, smaller organizations/startups struggle to get the business they desire because they are specialized in their own particular field and don’t have the expertise, nor the time, to carry out their marketing and/or sales sufficiently. In time, many will hire someone to fulfill those duties for their business. As businesses grow, these roles become more specialized. That is why large organizations have a sales team and a marketing team. Both work together to achieve a common goal.

Sales departments focus on the sales volume and push the products, while the marketing department will focus on the overall picture to promote, distribute, and price out the products – the pull approach. In a nutshell: sales pushes out the product/services, while marketing pulls in the consumer! Marketing creates an infrastructure of knowledge about the service/product, and sales representatives can use that information to sell the product.

These two components are critical in making any business a success. But, finding and building the right team to perform these duties can be a challenge. Some many think that marketing for their business is the ‘easy’ part of the sales/marketing effort. The truth is, neither aspect is easy. Both require great skill and perseverance. Marketing must communicate its message with great skill, creating strong interest in the consumer. Sales is an art in itself, and salespeople must have strong interpersonal skills, as well as persistence and a pleasant, patient personality. These two skill-sets demand specific attention that many business owners simply don’t have the time or the extra staff for, if they want their product or service to truly shine.

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