Working The Outdoors Into Your Day


Lately, I’ve become aware of – and somewhat shocked by – how little time I spend outside. On an average day, my outdoor time consists of walking from my car to a building. It makes sense that between school, work, and home responsibilities, I rarely have time to take a walk, go to the park, or simply sit outside. But summer will pass quickly, and then, freezing temperatures and bone-chilling winds will force us all inside for months. To appreciate and enjoy the summer, here are a few things you can do to make sure you get outside, even when you’re busy.

Work Outside

This one seems simple but can be a hassle at times, particularly on windy days when papers could go flying. Still, if you can avoid the paperwork, take your laptop or phone outside to answer some emails and work on projects. Even if it’s simply your backyard, you can enjoy the sun and admire the scenery. Changing your setting and getting some fresh air could boost your creativity and give you some more motivation, as well as provide a welcome break from the gloominess of sitting indoors. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bug spray, if you’re planning on staying out for a while.

Take a Walk

Stop what you’re doing and take a walk. Walks don’t have to last an hour or more. Take a quick walk or jog around your neighborhood or even around your backyard. Everyone has time to stop for just a few minutes and have a quick break. Make sure you enjoy a beautiful day while it lasts! At work, a quick lap around the parking lot could do the trick as well. You might feel self-conscious at first, but that will pass!

Take Advantage of Lunch Breaks

If you’re at work and have enough time during your lunch break, set aside a few minutes to go outside, stretch, breathe, and take in the sun. Better yet, eat your lunch outside. Ask your work friends to join you and make it an impromptu picnic. Enjoying nature, eating lunch, and having a nice time with your friends will give you the extra strength you need to finish the day.

Open Your Windows

If going outside is virtually impossible, open your windows to at least enjoy the warmth, the fresh air, and the sounds of nature. Even spending some time looking outside and enjoying the view can be therapeutic.

Take Extra Time to Walk to Your Car

Since walking to your car is the only guaranteed outdoor time you might have, enjoy every second of it. Avoid the shortcuts in the parking lot. Parking as far away as possible can help you enjoy the outdoors for as long as possible, as well as give you some extra exercise. If this is your only chance to be outside for an entire day, don’t take it for granted.

School, work, and other responsibilities will eat away all our time, if we let them. As adults, it is so easy to find an excuse to not stop what we are doing and take some time to enjoy a beautiful day. I think we need to realize that children are correct in not wanting to spend a lovely day locked up inside. We should follow their example and take every opportunity to step outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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