What Social Media Should Job Seekers Use?


When it comes to searching for a job, there are many options. The vast expansion of the Internet has created many different websites that are used for job searching. monster.com, Indeed.com, and ZipRecruiter.com all give people the option to search for jobs in different departments or categories, while also being able to specify a geographic area.

Social media has also become a way for people to search for jobs. Since the main premise of social media is for people to get connected, it has now become very easy for people to also connect with different groups and businesses.

Twitter is one way for people to understand a business to which they’d like to apply. The possibility of coming in contact with someone about a specific job position through Twitter may be slim, depending on the business, but one thing Twitter can do is help you to get a feel for the company’s culture. Do the employees enjoy working there? Does it sound like a great place to work?

Facebook is also a great way to find out what a company does, and what the work environment is like. When using Facebook to connect with a potential employer, there are many options for communication. You can post on the company’s wall, comment on something they post, or message them directly if you have any questions.

LinkedIn is most likely the best social media network for anyone searching for a career. One thing that makes LinkedIn so great, versus Twitter or Facebook, is the fact that you can actually apply for jobs directly and get in touch with the employer online. You can give people professional references, and also ask others to give you a reference.

LinkedIn is also great for creating your own professional network. You can connect with friends or former employers or coworkers and also see where they currently work. Seeing where others are working might give you ideas for companies to which you might want to apply. LinkedIn also gives its users suggestions on potential jobs.

There are many options to choose from when searching for a job. Using social media as a search tool is one of the many pluses that are now accessible to people on the Internet. I encourage anyone searching for a career to use all Internet platforms available to them.

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