Growing Up With Greg Brady


In the late 60’s and early 70’s he was America’s teen.  Greg Brady made teen-age girls swoon, moms ask their sons “why can’t you act like him” and younger boys wish he was their big brother.   The Brady Bunch was only produced for five seasons but it has become the show that has spanned generations.  The show has been seen tens of millions of times, spawning lines that are still repeated today.  “Oh, Mike,” “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” and who can forget Peter’s battle with puberty where attempted to sing, “Time to change.” It is still in syndication today.

In our recent trip to the Emmy Awards in Branson, Missouri, Mickle Communication’s Director of Photography, Harry Walker and I had the opportunity to talk with Barry Williams.  Now, 62 years old and entertaining crowds in his own Branson-based show Williams looks back fondly at his very Brady life and the impact the sitcom made, not only his career but American Pop Culture.

Williams was the oldest sibling in the Brady Bunch.  Decades later he is still known as Greg Brady or #gregfreakingbrady as some of us referred to him when spotting him in the crowd at the Pre-Emmy reception. While he pays tribute to the show that launched his career, he attempts to not let it define him. During our interview he mentioned his journey as an author of a best-selling book, producing and appearing in movies and now settling down in Branson, Missouri with his musical performances that can be seen three times a week.  Barry (Greg) still admits that his best-selling book was about…. The Brady Bunch.  His Branson show is filled with 70’s music and guests who attend are deemed…. Honorary Bradys for life.  While he continues to entertain his fans, he can’t escape (and probably doesn’t want to) the phenomenon that the Brady Bunch has become.  It’s a lesson for all of us.  Don’t let a moment in time define you, but you should also embrace the life and the opportunities you were given.

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