What Green Day Can Teach You About Brand Loyality

What can three alternative rock stars who are now in their mid 40’s teach you about brand loyality and creating dedicated fans? Last night as I was watching Green Day at the last of their seven club dates to promote their new album Bang Bang, I watched the other 2000 loyal fans there go crazy for song after song and asked myself the above question. The answer is a lot if you look at how the band approaches their craft and how they treat their fans. The music world is fan oriented. Without fans it doesn’t matter how great your band is. Without fans, there are no music sales or concert tickets sold. Your business is the same. Without customers, no matter how great your product is, it doesn’t matter. You need sales and in order to have sales you need customers.

What lessons can you learn from one of the biggest Alternative Rock Bands of the last 20 plus years? To start, you need to care about your fans. Treat them with respect by being consistent and giving them what they want. Green Day continues to produce music that their audience loves. They may tweak their sound from album to album but when you buy a CD or download or spend your hard earned money to buy a ticket to see the band live, you know what you’re getting. Fans become fanatics when they know that the band or business cares about them. Do you use social media like Green Day does to keep in touch with your followers? If not, you are missing an opportunity to reach them on the most personal method available to you. For years a band would put out an album and promote it heavily MTV, the radio and record stores. Just like for years you would use TV, radio, newpaper or magazines to promote your new product or business, today all of those methods still work but if you aren’t using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube along with other social media tools, you are missing out on the chance to get one on one with your followers. Even if a million people watch a Green Day Instagram video, it still feels like it’s made for just me when I watch it.

Are you creating content that goes beyond just selling your products? Are you giving customers a reason to like you so they’ll want to do business with you instead of just “selling your service or products”? Green Day didn’t have to do a series of club dates at a lower ticket price but they did. Not just to gear up for a giant tour or to introduce their fans to the new album. That’s just part of it. It was an opportunity for their biggest fans to see them in small environment instead of a stadium or giant arena. A powerful brand creates an image and identity and their followers know what to expect when they hand over their hard earned money. Like any great band, Green Day does this consistently. Over the last 20 years they have grown up with their fans and the band realizes that even though they have a platform to take a stand on politics or social issues of the day, they also have a responsibility to give their fans a great rock and roll product. Their music has stayed relatively the same and songs about poltical rebellion from 2003’s American Idiot still sound like they were written for today. On top of staying musically relevant they use all the social media tools along with their website to make it easy to be a Green Day fanatic.

What does your business do to create the loyal kind of following that Green Day has? Do you treat them as a one and done sale or do you foster the relationship by giving them reasons to keep coming back? Are you consistent with your marketing and do you strive to create a one on one experience that gives first before you ask for the sale? What does your brand stand for? Green Day stands for a punk rock attitude, catchy guitar hooks and interesing lyrics. They also stand for allowing their fans into their world. They don’t have to but they do. Is it because they’ve grown older and are more mellow? I doubt it. It’s part of their brand. They understand that if I want more Green Day in my life and they give me more Green Day, then I’ll be more loyal.

That’s why social media is the so important and with the use of video is by far the best way to create an unbreakable bond with your followers. It’s why these Green Day fans in Chicago couldn’t wait to get into the show. They love the band and have a deep connection with the Billy Joe, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt.

Would your customers be as excited to get into your store to buy your product?


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