Mickle Communications Travels To Peru


Sometimes a story becomes so big, it’s almost impossible to tell. That is almost the case for what our team witnessed in Peru over the past ten days. What do you say to a mom who had to decide to sell some of her children because she couldn’t afford to feed all of them?  How does a parent decide what child will be forced into sex slavery or sold as slave labor?  How do you sit with a man who willingly admits he’s buying the children and has no compassion for them at all? Lastly, how do you encourage the kids who, so far, have managed to escape?

Mickle Communications is the only video production company to send a crew to Peru to capture this gut-wrenching story.  Harry Walker has braved danger, encountered heartbreak and in some cases witnessed glimmers of hope in an otherwise, hopeless situation. He couldn’t push pause, he kept filming. He couldn’t push delete when the story became almost overpowering, he kept gathering footage.  He couldn’t let emotion take over. He is trained in what he does. It’s not easy, yet someone needs to tell the story.  Mickle Communications decided to be that company. It’s a world many of us cannot imagine or perhaps choose not to.  While we shop for back-to-school clothes and, in our case, prepare to send a child to college, these parents are selling children.  Let that sink in.  They are SELLING their own children to a fate that is to some, worse than death. Others are burying their children. Some as young as two-year’s old. Children caught in the crossfire of gang violence.

Mickle Communication's Harry Walker films while in Peru.
Mickle Communication’s Harry Walker films while in Peru.

Soon, we’ll bring you the story.  Another story that won’t be easy to watch.  Details that won’t be easy to hear.  Entering a world that’s almost too frightening to fathom. A story, we hope will bring change.

To the people on the front line, including Pleasant Valley Graduate, Daniel Klopp who is dedicating his life to saving the children, we say “thank you.”  That hardly seems enough, considering he’s almost died in the past year, while being caught in the midst of danger.  Still, it’s all we have. That, along with our promise to bring the story to life through film.  No matter how big the story, the circumstances around it are always bigger.

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