Things You Might Not Know You Can Do On Your iPhone


Respond to text messages without unlocking your phone

You can respond to texts from your lock screen by pulling down the notification bar and swiping to the left on the text notification. A reply button will appear and clicking it will allow you type a response.


Easily find a photo someone sent you in messages

Rather than scrolling through a lengthy text conversation to rediscover an old photo that was sent to you, go to the conversation you are looking for in the messaging app and press details in the upper right corner. A collection of all the photos sent between those involved in the conversation will be visible.


See which apps drain your battery the most

Click on settings, then general, then usage, then battery usage to see which apps have used to largest percentages of your battery in the last 24 hours and in the last seven days.


Use Low Power Mode to make your phone battery last longer

Low Power Mode ensures that your iPhone cuts down on certain features in order to lengthen its battery life. The iPhone will stop refreshing apps in the background, email, and other programming functions in order to keep the battery alive. In order to switch to Low Power Mode, which can be done regardless of what percentage your phone battery is at, go to settings, then battery, then turn on low power mode.


Charge your battery faster

Putting your phone on airplane mode while charging it will ensure that it charges much faster. Swipe up on your home screen and click the airplane icon to turn on airplane mode.


Name a group conversation

Rather than your friend or family group chats appearing as a list of numerous names, you can easily term the conversation something else that is both fun and easier to find in the messaging app. Click details within the message thread and fill in the group name box with the desired name. Do note, however, that this option is only available when all group members are using iMessage.


Have Siri read articles, text messages, and more

Go to settings, then general, then accessibility, then speech. Under speech, select and turn on speak screen and speak selection. With these settings enabled, when you swipe down from the top of your screen with two fingers, Siri will begin reading the text of whatever is on the screen at that moment.


Use Siri hands-free

With the iPhone 6S, you can enable the activation of Siri through a voice command rather than by pressing the home button. To make this possible go to settings, then general, then Siri and select “allow ‘Hey Siri.’”

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