Trump Rally Brings Out Supporters And Critics Alike

This Presidential election is history making.  Wherever you stand on the issues, there is no denying that it is quite possibly the most fiercely-fought battles we’ve ever seen.  The two main party candidates are seemingly polar opposites.  This week’s Trump rally demonstrated the loyalty of his supporters, but also the support Hillary Clinton has.

People were turned away from the rally at the Adler Theatre. The main level and balcony were filled to capacity.  There were chants for Trump, chants against Clinton and a room of people who, for the most part, are staunch supporters of Trump’s ideas.  On the outside of the Adler, you found groups of people who were most definitely not Trump supporters. The protests were, for the most part, peaceful.

We are not writing this in support of either candidate.  It’s simply a moment that will go down in history and can’t be ignored.  Donald Trump is a media machine.  Reporters can’t wait to see what he will say next.  Clinton is creating attention for being the first woman ever nominated by a major party. That combined with the Clinton Legacy leaves the media with plenty to talk about.

The Quad Cities is a hot spot for candidates.  It always is. This week was certainly no exception. As satellite trucks and media vehicles lined 3rd street in Davenport, it reminds us of the importance placed on the Hawkeye state.

Regardless of your political views, we must all realize the power our community and state hold in choosing the next leader of our country. With the election still a little over two months away, we are almost guaranteed to see Trump here again.  Clinton will most likely make several visits as well. We look forward to taking you inside a Clinton rally as well.

With each of their visits, the venues will be crowded, the emotions will run high and the media will flock to the rally, placing not only the candidate in the spotlight, but the Quad Cities as well.

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