Five Social Media Apps to Check Out

The content we consume on social media plays an increasingly prominent role in our daily interactions. Applications and websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are now used frequently as tools for communicating and connecting with others. The growing importance of social media in our lives has led to the regular creation of new social media platforms, each hoping to become the next Facebook, but only a few gaining widespread traction. Here are a few emerging social media platforms that you will want to pay attention to as they begin to find a wider audience.




Periscope is a video-streaming app that allows users to share presentations, conversations, and other important moments live. It can be used in a variety of ways—from product demonstrations, interviews, behind the scenes tours, to casual conversations with a group of people. Perhaps most advantageous when used by companies and individuals with a large following, Periscope allows for face-to-face interactions between creators and their followers, rather than the more impersonal text-based interactions permissible on applications like Twitter.




Quora functions as a blend between Wikipedia and Twitter. The application, available as a website and an app, allows users to ask any questions, bring up topics for discussions, and also provide answers to questions or topics. Users can give “upvote” or “downvote” user comments depending on their reaction to the comment. Quora’s format is very open to any and all questions users may have. The platform’s appeal to human curiosity and a desire to share knowledge allows for a unique social media practice.




The name Wanelo is derived from the phrase “want, need, love” and is a shopping application that incorporates a social component. The app allows users to view a variety of products from both major brands and independent artists and designers. Developed with online shoppers in mind, Wanelo allows users to create wishlists, see what their friends are interested in purchasing, and make purchases themselves within the app.




Stellar is storytelling app that goes beyond the capabilities of Facebook and Instagram, which enable users to post photos and videos, and instead promotes the concept that those photos and videos can become a creative story. Stellar encourages users to utilize their creativity to create stories that include a collection of photos, videos, and text within a single, interconnected post.


Musicallyicon is a social media platform that brings Karaoke into the digital, mobile age. The app allows users to create and discover short music videos of fifteen seconds or less that have been created by users of the app. Used mostly by teens, gives young people the ability to express themselves through dancing, singing, lip-syncing, and humor.


With new social media platforms emerging regularly, it is often difficult to keep up-to-date with emerging trends in online communication. These up-and-coming applications show the variety of ways in which people are now able to connect online and improve the depth of the communicative online experience.

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