Things You Might Not Know You Can Do On Facebook

Let your friends know how to properly pronounce your name

Finally a way to avoid mispronunciation! Go to your profile page, click About, click Details About You, then click “How do you pronounce your name?” and select or write in the proper pronunciation.


Access your second Facebook Messages inbox

There is a second Facebook inbox for messages from people you are not Facebook friends with. To access it, click on the messaging icon in the upper right hand corner of the homepage and then click on Message Requests.


Look for a specific post

If you ever accidentally close a tab, it can often be difficult to find the specific post you were looking at again when you scroll back through your newsfeed. Luckily, you can type a few key words into Facebook’s search bar and you should be able to quickly rediscover the post.


Send and receive money via Facebook Messages

Within Facebook Messages, click the $ icon to either pay someone or request a payment from someone. You can easily enter your payment information and start using the feature right away.


Save posts and links you want to look at later

If there is a post you are interested in reading, but do not have the time to do so when quickly scrolling through Facebook, you can easily save the link to read at a later time. Click the arrow on the upper right hand side of the post and then click Save post. To access a saved post later, go to the left hand side of the homepage, go to Favorites, and then click Saved.


Find new things to do while traveling

Use Facebook search bar to search a specific location and then browse both friends and strangers photos and posts from that location to discover new ideas for your travels.


Create a shared album

Shared albums are a fun way to include everyone’s photos from an event in one location. In a shared album multiple people can contribute their photos to a single album. To make a shared album click Create Album, on the left hand column click Make Shared Album under Let Friends Add Photos, and then select the contributors you would like to include.


Watch live video content from around the world

On the Facebook homepage, go to the left hand column, click on Live Video under Apps, and then select any location on the world map to watch content airing live in that region.

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