What Business Owners Can Learn from Country Music

Go to any country music concert and you’ll hear at least one reference to God, several to our men and women in uniform and an encouragement to have a drink. The reasons are simple. Country music stars know who their customer is. Any mention of the U.S.A. and our military brings the crowd it its feet. Giving glory to God leads to cheers erupting throughout the stands and the suggestion to drink will lead to droves of people heading to the concession stand. The bands not only play music but they play to their audience.

Recently at Country USA (a five-day country concert in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) the band LoCash showed up two days early and held a seemingly impromptu concert in one of the beer tents. It was so packed, they held a second one later in the evening. The tent was filled with energy. Thanks to the more personal venue, the band’s fans became even more ardent. While many of the people came into that tent as “fans.” They left feeling like they were part of a special club. Then, the marketing brilliance began. Seeing how excited the fans were, the bands invited everyone to come backstage to “hang out.” There was just one stipulation, the fans had to buy a t-shirt. The surprise concert became a revenue generator on the spot.

Fast forward two days and the band returned for their appearance on the main stage. By this time, word had spread about the concert in the tent. There was a much larger than normal crowd for a 4pm appearance. Again, they invited everyone back stage. The crowd erupted in cheers. This time, to be a part of this exclusive gathering, you needed to buy their cd or download their new album. The line was so long the meet and greet had to be halted to make room for concert goers who had won back stage passes to meet one of the headliners of the event. Still, the LoCash fans remained in line for an additional 40 minutes until the guys could resume their fan time.

Also, while on stage the band mentioned numerous times about how they hoped to be invited back next year for a later time slot.

These guys are clearly more than talented musicians. They are also great sales people. They warmed up their client, made the pitch and reeled them in. All while providing something that the fans wanted. Everyone who participated was happy. Isn’t that the end game for any business owner? LoCash fans will definitely want to come to the next concert in their area. As a business owner, you want repeat customers.

Check out their first number one hit I Love This Life: 

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