5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Video

I’ve searched the web. I’ve found info on your company, but nothing that made me stop and learn more.  I searched YouTube and didn’t find anything.  Vimeo?  Nope.  The fact is, we live in world where we have short attention spans, we are in a hurry to get things done and if we are not giving our clients a high energy, yet concise video to showcase our offerings, we are missing out on opportunities. Digital marketing giant Cisco predicts by 2019, video will account for 80% of all global internet traffic. YouTube now has more than a billion users.  Viewers watch hundreds of millions of hours of video, generating billions of views. Snapchat had more than 10 billion views per day in April of this year.   Here are a few ideas for bringing your company to the forefront with compelling video that’s watched and shared.

1.  Create a Compelling Story –  Every person, every business has a story to tell.  Make sure you tell your’s. Whether it’s a mini-documentary or a high energy, edgy video, grab your potential customer’s attention.

2. Keep it Short –  Unless you are creating an episodic for television distribution or a long-form documentary, you have very little time to share your story. two minutes is max, 90 seconds is even better.  The first five seconds are crucial. If you don’t grab their attention right away , they are gone.

3. Tag, Tag and Tag again – You want to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) by placing keywords in the text attached to the video.  Certain words will bring more viewers to your site. Those words depend on your product.

4. Evoke Emotion – The most shared videos are those that cause a reaction.  It might be tears or it might be laughter. Since we are inundated with videos on a daily basis, you need to work hard to get your video to stand out among the rest.

5. Close the Deal – Leave the viewer with an option to buy what you are selling. While you have them in your “house” you want them to stay long enough to purchase your product or at least pick up the phone and call or send an email.

There is also a surge in live videos. Periscope and Facebook Live are creating a new era in behind the scenes marketing.  So, armed with all of that information, if you are ready for people to see you, we’d love to help. Telling people’s stories is our passion.

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